Breakers West Association, Inc.
937 Dickens Place
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Phone: 561.790.0016
Fax: 561.790.0570


The Estates

The Estates is the second largest Community in Breakers West. It is composed of 108 parcels,on which there are 97 elegant residences. These homes are all unique in architectural design and each has individualized landscaping. The Estates homes are all on lots of one-half acre and larger. Most have golf course and lake views.

The community is astride the two major boulevards, extending more than a mile. These roads include a bike trail and a pedestrian walkway. 

The current Board of Directors consists of residents:

Patricia McGrath, President

Oliver Fugmann, Vice-President

Al Machado, Treasurer

William Mergens, Secretary

Kevin Butler, Director

Brian D. Barie - Accounts


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